Founded in 1981, Slab-Jackers was the first business of it's kind to serve central Illinois. That's why we're called "The Original". We are--and have always been--a family owned and operated business. We are not a franchise and we do not hire temporary workers. We are also not primarily motived by making a lot of money, which I know sounds odd. Obviously, operating a small business is expensive and we have to pay our bills. However, we are more interested in building relationships and helping people solve difficult problems. We feel that this approach is the key to our success and has kept us in business for 30 years!

We believe that what we do and who we are should sell itself. We don't have a sales team. We don't have estimators that work on commission. While some of our estimates are done by our experienced employees, ninety-five percent are done by the owner, me! Our estimates tell you exactly what work will be performed in easy to understand language. You can be comfortable in knowing the exact work that will be done.

Here is our promise to you: We will deal with each customer with honesty and integrity. If we cannot offer you a cost-effectivce solution, customized to fit your needs, we'll say so. At that point, we will give you our honest and professional advice or we will direct you to someone who can fix your problem. Even if we have to refer you to one of our competitors, we have no problem doing so. It's that simple. The work we do is very challenging, so if we can't get the job right, you will not be charged.

Emerson Welch

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