• concrete repair in Bloomington, IL

Concrete Repair in Bloomington, IL

Why pump up concrete?
  • To eliminate trip hazards.
  • To drain water AWAY from your foundation.
  • It's fast and effective.
  • It lasts indefinitely.
  • You can use your leveled concrete almost right away.
  • There is little or no damage to your landscape.
  • We are ALWAYS cheaper than concrete replacement.
How do we pump up concrete?
  • First, we drill a series of holes in the slab.
  • Then we use our specialized equipment to pump a grout or slurry through those holes.
  • That slurry will spread out and fill any hollow space, generate a little pressure, then start to lift the slab as it fills the spaces underneath.
  • Once the slab is in the correct position, the slurry will harden and support the leveled slab.
  • When finished, we put cement in the holes and clean up.
What can we pump up?
  • Walks, drives, patios, porches, steps, etc.
  • Almost any sizeable slab that is not shattered.
  • We've pumped up slabs that were under water and we've pumped up slabs as high as 4 feet.
  • The options depend on how your slab was originally poured.
What we can't pump?
  • There is a fundamental principle that applies to what we do - we are at the mercy of what we are working on, where it's located and how it was poured.
  • There are many factors that dictate if or how high we can raise a slab.
  • Sometimes we don't know until after we start a job whether or not pre-existing circumstances would prevent us from raising your slab. If this is the case, we will not charge you.
When can we pump up concrete?
  • This type of work is seasonal.
  • We cannot pump concrete during freezing conditions, so a normal timeframe is March through November.
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