Basement Dewatering

  • Before you sign a contract to pay thousands of dollars for a dewatering system, call us. We can save you money!
  • We do not have a "cookie cutter" solution that we sell to solve all water problems. Base board systems do not stop the water from coming into your house. They simply stop the water from running all over your basement floor. In the mean time, there is still a fair amount of rot, mold and general damage occuring in the walls of your basement.
  • We are not big fans of allowing water to get into your house in the first place. Let me explain - the sump pump system is necessary at times but we like to see them as a last resort. We would rather find where the water is getting in and stop it there.
  • Solving your water problem may be a simple combination of small things. You may only need to add some dirt to the perimeter of your house. You might need to do a little caulking or add some down spout extensions. We would be happy to do any of these for you. However, if you're a do-it-yourselfer, we'll give you a few pointers so you can do it yourself and save money. It only makes sense to try the cheapest things first.
  • If all else fails, we are here to help. Some of our services include: sump pump and pit install, sump pump repair, exterior perimeter tile replacement, french drains, drainage ditches, total yard re-grading, and buried down spouts.
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